lathe, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, parts

  • Robust cast iron bed with three longitudinal guide ways and two ballscrews. Enclosed machine guards for safety and neat working environment.
  • Siemens SINUMERIK 828D/840D CNC system, Rexroth/Heidenhain linear scales and hydraulic servo system for precision control.
  • Servo-cylinder/AC servo motor.
  • Automatic regulation of longitudinal spinning steps.
  • Reverse flow forming tracking system for precision control of backward spinning length. High accuracy up to 1mm.
  • CAD/CAM software integrated.
  • Simultaneous control of X/Y/U axes for complex control machining.
  • Suitable for production of eccentric parts as well as barrels.
  • Heating holder available for processing of hard alloy materials.
  • Centering and trimming equipment can be configured.

Standard Configurations and Functions

  • Strong cast iron;
  • Heavy duty ball guide and slide guide, double nuts ball screw;
  • Programmable hydraulic tailstock;
  • Integrated Control Lubrication System;
  • Circle centering device;
  • Air conditioning for circuit box;
  • Full Enclosed Protective Cover;
  • Eight Spinning Tools Position, Tools Exchange Time≤6s;
  • Standard spinning tools (one set);
  • Standard Tools Box;
  • Shockproof Iron Cushion;
  • Computerized Numerical Control System, (SIEMENS 828D);
  • CNC Spinning programming software


  • Manipulator
  • Mandrel for spinning machine according to customer’s product