lathe, milling, boring, drilling, grinding, parts

Machine features:

  • Double spindle power heads with separation of milling and drilling, high precision of drill spindle, east to change center drill.
  • Four axes structure design, suitable to work piece with large span in length.
  • Bidirectional self-centering vice by hydraulic pressure, good clamping force, suitable to various shaft parts.
  • With bidirectional self-centering jaw vice by hydraulic pressure, no adjustment when changing work piece.
  • Milling two faces, lathing top circle, chamfering by one time changing.
  • Using international standard spindle interface to change different structural cutters at random.
  • Using standard ER chuck, easy to change center drill with high precision.
  • Using well-known brand servo control system made in domestic and aboard, with external hand wheel for operation.

Standard Configuration:

  • Fanuc/Siemens CNC controller
  • NSK spindle bearing
  • HIWIN ball screw
  • Schneider low-voltage electrical parts
  • KOMPASS hydraulic power unit
  • MITSUBISHI timing belt
  • Automatic lubrication
  • BT50 milling tool shank
  • BT40-ER32 drilling tool shank
  • Facing cutter TAP400R-125mm


  • Auto-tool setting
  • Auto chip removal
  • U drill

facing milling centering machine parameters