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DHSR-25 and DHSR-36 CNC deep hole boring skiving and roller burnishing machine is used for the processing cylinders in large batch.By using skiving and roller burnishing technology, variety of cylinder bore surface can be precision processed.It can also be used for hot rolling cylinder boring-scraping-rolling finishing machining.The precision can reach IT7-IT10 and the roughness of surface below Ra0.2-0.4µm.

The machining method is the workpiece fixed and the tools rotate and feed.The bed of machine is double rectangle guideway.The oil pressure head moves on the linear guideway with heavy loading rollers by the hydraulic control and the workpiece is positioned by taper hole.It adopts Taiwan Yongzhen hydraulic station.The colling system is overground oil tank.The filtrate method is chip conveyor-magnetism separator-fine filtration three grade and the filtration precision can reach 50µ.The CNC system is Germany SIEMENS system.The length of cylinder below 3m is feeded by the ball screw and over 3m is by gear-racked.The efficiency of processing is 3-5 times of traditional deep hole machine if use the high efficiency automatic telescopic combination tools.