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Usage of the machine: the machine is a special equipment for boring deep hole of cylindrical workpieces. While boring, the oil supplied from the oil pressure head take the metal chips from the cutting area to the lantern and chip converyer in the front of the headstock.

The bed of the machine is rectangle quenched guide way which has high antiwear capability, the feed lead screw is installed in the middle of the guide way. The clamp workpiece of the oil pressure head adopt servo motor so it is reliable and safe. The spindle of the oil pressure head has high concentricity with the spindle of the headstock. And the change of the guide bush is also convenient.

This is a easy operating, high efficiency and environment protective deep hole boring machine.

The travel head with rotating boring tube is standard scheme for 1m-3m machine, and it’s optional for above 4m machine.

The machine can be mated with CNC system, e.g. SIEMENS 828D or FANUC oi mate or GSK or KND system or other system chosen by user.