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This machine is a special purpose CNC deep hole drilling machine with high efficiency, high accuracy and high automatization, by metal chips external removing method (gundrill method), once continued drilling can replace drilling, boring and reaming etc. many machining procedure, and obtain the same machining accuracy and surface roughness. controlled by CNC system, not only has the machine single moving function, but also automatic cycle function. in order to increase machining efficiency, this machine can also be mated with two or four drilling head, therefor it is suitable for both small and large batch production. This machine can drill through hole, blind hole and step hole, mated with special holders, it can also drill eccentricity hole and slant hole.

All the bed and boxes of the machine adopt fine casting, so they have good rigidity and stability.

The cutter need not untread during machining.

Feed system is diven by AC servo motor and ball screw couples with stepless speed.

Adopt slide guide way, glued plastic on the moving parts, the low speed travel is smooth, has not crawl.

The spindle speed of the travel headstock with rotating drilling bar is stepless.

Spindle bearing and surface of guide way are lubricated intermittently.

High pressure coolant system adopt frequency converting motor to drive gear pumps, and adopt immerged oil temperature controller.

Adopt automatic metal chips conveyer.

Adopt whole closed guard cover with convenient view windows and beautifule outline.

With multi-automatic surveillant and controll devices.

Technical data may be subject to change without prior notice.

Standard configuration: KND KND1000Ti-A or GSK 980T CNC system, headstock, web type filter, manual pulse control box, vibration damper steady of drilling bar, automatic chip conveyer,whole closed guard cover, centred lubrication station, special purpose coolant system, alarm light, tools, work light, levelers, oil temperature controller, hydraulic system etc.

Optional configuration: FANUC 0i mate MD or SIEMENS 828D CNC system,accessories and adaptures, cutting oil, cutter grinder or grinding device,drum metal chips conveyer,magnetic chip conveyer, air conditioner of electric control box, drilling cutter and adapters, drilling oil, oil throwing machine, hydraulic tailstock, holders.

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