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Turret Mill (Turret Milling Machine, Universal Milling Machine, Vertical Mill)



★ Robust heavily-ribbed cast iron structure with extra wide guidewasy assures superb rigidity and stability


★ Hard chrome spindle quill of big diameter featuring heavy milling capacity


★ Hardened & ground table for precision clamp and heavy load


★ Strong ram can rotate ±180°on column for diverse machining with high flexibility


★ High speed head tilts ±90°left to right and ±45°up and down for high flexibility (or fixed firmly to ram for heavy cutting capacity)


★ Coolant pump system with flexible hose


★ Work light installed as standard


★ Neat design with centralized buttons, easy to operate


★ Modular design with a big choice of options, ie variable head, DRO, power feeder, etc

1. Draw bar


2. Spanners


3. Oil gun


4. Coolant system


5. Work light


6. Manual in English

1. DRO system


2. Collet chuck and collets


3. Drill chuck and shank


4. Clamp kits


5. Vise


6. Power feeder


7. Variable head


8. Rotary table


9. Universal dividing head with chuck


10. Universal boring head

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